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Ohio banner advertising is a snap using our advertising system and easy to manage a budget,  our pricing is a monthly pricing model as opposed to either impressions or clicks as most charge.  Banner Ad must be the size 486 x 60 pixels.

Placement of Banner Ads

This type of advertising is normally placed at the top of the page on our websites while the text advertising is normally placed on the sides of our pages and will look like this.

Placement of Text Advertising

Then we also have text advertising across the bottoms and sides of our page also, all text ads filter through both advertising locations, you have the ability to edit your advertising on both so you can either change text, content, or banner graphics whenever you want. Or you can simply call us, pay with your credit card and we can place the information for you.

Your banner and text advertising will show up on the following websites. – Banner and text ads – Banner and text ads – Banner and text ads

Our Banner Stats can be viewed on BuckeyeAds – Banner and Text ads, this is also where you can place your banner ad or text ad.  We on have one fee and that is monthly $100. per month.

Please feel free to call us at 740-255-0852 to place ads on our websites