New Antique Shop at Motel

Norwich Antiques & More

Norwich Antiques & MoreBaker’s Motel now has a nice 1500 square foot antique shop where guests can easily walk to on the property as it is located in the middle building providing easy access from both parts of the motel. Our new antique shop offers many antiques, collectibles, primitives and so much more. All items are neatly organized for you convenience, you can spend alot of time looking over the many items that we carry.
Our new antique shop is appropriately name Norwich Antiques & More, the shop is air-conditioned and quite nice. Travelers and guest alike will enjoy looking through the many antiques, collectibles and more that we carry and are continually updating. Plan a weekend at Baker’s Motel and enjoy the cleanest rooms in Muskingum County offering a step back that no where else can offer as all of the other properties are newer cookie cutter properties and we have almost 80 years satisfying our guests.20160623_081419
Additionally you can view many other antique shops, pottery shops, fleas markets and more with in a mile of the motel, plus the Zane Grey Museum is directly across the street.

Updates for 2016

Higher Speed Internet

At Baker’s Motel we are always updating, somethings you notice instantly while other improvements go unnoticed though rest assured we do continuously update our property.  So far this year we have updated our internet plan with Time Warner recently to their fastest service,  our new High Speed Internet plan is over 50 mbps upload speed and over 5 mbps download speed which is very fast and enables you to easily stream videos and chat with family and friends with skype.

New Antique Shop

Additionally this early summer we will be opening an Antique Shop on our property, about 1500 square feet of antiques with many small items which can easily be transported by guests of the motel, we will also be adding some souvenirs for our traveling motel guests.  You will be able to view our shop at

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Pipeliners – Contruction Workers

Pipeliners – Contruction Workers – Truck Drivers

Muskingum and Guernsey Counties

Baker’s Motel is a lodging landmark in Muskingum County Pipeliner - Construction Workerplus we also offer the best rates in both counties for both daily and weekly visitors.  Our family owned property is well maintained though we offer budget rates you will receive many modern amenities which include:

Flat Screen Televisions – Our rooms with one bed all have 32″ tv’s and two bed rooms offer a 40″ where many of the other budget chains still have the old type televisions.

Refrigerators and Microwave ovens – All are newer units unlike many of the properties around where the units are so old they may or may not work.

Newer Heater-Air units – Most of our units are under 5 years old where the other properties in the area have older units, again that may or may not work.

Free High Speed Internet – We offer the fastest internet available with Time Warner,  Upload speeds up to 56 mbps and download speeds of over 5 mbps.  So if you have a need for speed then we have it.

Read the reviews on Google and you will see reports of the above at many other properties, not at Baker’s.

At Baker’s Motel we maintain all aspects of our property and when something does not work we fix it or move you to a room that it does work.  Your comfort is important to us, we attempt to keep up on everything but there are very few occasions when their might be something that does not work, but if I cannot fix it immediately then I will move you to another room.

Pipeliners / Construction Workers / Truck Drivers/ Sales People

Our weekly or extended stay rates are for a seven day week not a five day week and start the day you check-in. Plus at Baker’s Motel you can park right at your room so moving luggage in and out is a snap, plus security is not an issue either as we have security cameras on our entry plus other areas of the property so we can keep tabs on who comes and goes though in my 35 years of ownership we have never had a problem.

Always quiet at Baker’s also as when customers get loud in their rooms or outside in the evening they will see the door real quick as we value your ability to rest when you are not working, in fact our guest always say it is so quiet here, they have never slept so well.  Plain and simple if you are working in the are you will absolutely love our motel, Guaranteed!

Best Value – Muskingum County

Best Value - Muskingum CountyBaker’s Motel offers our customers the best value in Muskingum and Guernsey County with exceptionally clean rooms and all of the modern conveniences and rates for one bed rooms start at only 44.99 per night and two beds at only 54.99 through April 2016.

Amenities Include the Following:

  1. Flat screen televisions in all rooms
  2. Newer heater-air units in all rooms
  3. At door parking which most properties do not offer.
  4. A very clean room.
  5. Free Coffee in office all day.
  6. Free wireless internet, the fastest available on Time Warner.  Over 50 mbps download and over 5 mbps upload speeds.
  • We cannot guarantee the above speeds in all rooms as their are many variables that affect speed.
  1. Multi-day discounts.
  2. Senior discount, Active military discount
  3. Fridge and microwave ovens available at no extra charge and in almost all rooms.
  4. Pet friendly – view our pet page for information
  5. Weekly rates available for working guests or guests visiting from outside the area only.

We welcome you to view our rooms prior to renting them and even compare our rooms to any budget chain in the area as we know that you will agree we offer the best value and the most amenities of any budget chain.  Take the savings we offer and eat a good meal at an area restaurant.

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Family Traveling – Short on Cash

Family Traveling - Short on Cash

To make a payment on a balance and not a specific room total use the button below:


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  • Help Friends or Family
  • Just Pay for your Room
  • Vehicle Break Down / Pay One Day At A Time
  • Short on Cash – Have Family or Friend Pay
  • Working in the area – Companies can pay, quick and easy
  • Churches paying for traveler – Quick, Safe and Secure


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