Zanesville, Ohio Motel

Family Owned and Operated Motel with Antique Shop

Zanesville, Ohio Motel - Family OwnedZanesville, Ohio in picturesque Southeastern Ohio. Currently, Gary and Teresa Golden continue the tradition for over 37 years, providing exceptionally clean lodging at affordable prices to travelers. Baker’s Motel is located in the quaint village of Norwich, Ohio. The village is centrally located between two historically significant cities: Zanesville, Ohio and Cambridge, Ohio. At one time, Norwich was an important stagecoach stop on the Zane Trace National Road. Today, original sections of the old Trace can be observed throughout the village. A more complete history of the National Road and of the trailblazers who built the first corridor to the West can be found at the National Road/Zane Grey Museum. The museum is directly across the street from Baker’s Motel.

Clean – Comfortable / Independently Owned Zanesville, Ohio Motel – Hotel

Over the last few of years we have updated our furnishings in all rooms on the property from our large family size rooms to our standard one bed rooms so when you stay with us you will not only enjoy a clean, quiet and comfortable room along with free high speed wireless internet any where on the property. Additionally  you will receive the best rooms for the best rates in Muskingum County which includes Zanesville, Ohio, New Concord, Ohio, Dresden, Ohio.

Our Zanesville, Ohio Motel – Hotel offers you The Best Lodging Value

In both Muskingum County or Guernsey County

Zanesville, Ohio Motel / Cambridge, Ohio Motel

Baker’s Motel is the only Zanesville, Ohio hotel – motel that is family owned and operated offering great budget rates with large clean and comfortable rooms that have been recently updated over the last couple years. Zanesville, Ohio is only 10 miles west of the motel by driving either the National Road or interstate 70.


Family Traveling – Short on Cash

Family Traveling - Short on Cash

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Room Rates


Updates for 2015

Busy Updating 2015

We have been busy this past month updating our rooms, this year we have started IMG_2797with our rooms with one bed.  Rooms 24 -30 and two bed rooms 49-62 have all been updated with new furniture and beds,  all updates are completed for this year.

Of course with all of the updates that we continue to do our guests really like our rooms and always love the wireless connection speeds that they have here.   As we do pretty much every year we have been updating all of our linens again in preparation for a busy year.

We have also redone the office this year with new flooring, lights, paint and other updates.

We have done so far:2014-06-30 13.43.12

  1. Office updates
  2. Added 21 rooms of new furniture, 14 two bed rooms and 7 one bed rooms. Furniture in all but 6 rooms is now new, the remaining 6 rooms the original furniture is in near mint condition so we kept it.
  3. New beds in most rooms
  4. New entry lighting in all rooms with 2 beds are now installed.
  5. New Curtains in all rooms.
  6. Removed all shower doors in all 2 bed rooms, now all have nice shower curtains.
  7. Parking lot was resealed, now 3 years old.
  8. Added many new fridges and microwaves.

All Extended Stay One Bed Rooms – 32″ Flat Screens

Replaced the remaining one bed rooms with 32″ flat screens and the remaining 2 bed rooms with 40″ flat screens, they look and work great.   The new wall mounts will enable you to view the tv from anywhere in the room.

We have made so many great updates in 2015 that our guests will definitely enjoy their stay at Baker’s Motel and we look forward to providing you the best value for your dollar at the most historic motel on the National Road serving customers since 1937.  Our motel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week though we do not answer the phone after 11 pm at night as we do have to sleep though when you come in simply ring the doorbell to get a room.  March of 2015 will mark the 35th year that my family has owned the motel.

Getaway Weekends

Getaway Weekends

Tired of the rat race of the cities and just want to get a way for the weekend to unwind to get refreshed for the next week, think about coming down to Baker’s Motel in Norwich, Ohio.  There is alot to do in Muskingum County and area which will not break the bank.  City life can be stressful with the hectic pace but down at Baker’s Motel the pace is nice and slow, listed below are a few things you can do to unwind on your getaway weekend down here in the country.Getaway Weekends - Muskingum County

Plan a Getaway Weekend with us!

  1. Do you like going to auctions, check-out for weekend auctions down in this neck of the woods and find some good treasures and get some good eats also.  Every week end you will find many auctions in the area of which most of them you will find some great treasures.
  2. Just next door to the motel every other Sunday a local flea market has drive through auctions where local residents brings items to be auctioned off, this is an all day event that you do not want to miss and is a great way to top of the weekend.
  3. The Zane Grey museum is just across the street from the motel where you can view pottery from the area and find out the history of the National Road and the author Zane Grey.
  4. Antique Shops are also nearby some within walking distance of the Motel and with summer around the corner you can even rent space and sell your items on the weekend and not have to far to walk.
  5. New Concord is just 4 miles out the drive and right on the National Road where you will pass the S-bridge as you go into New Concord,  while their you can see The John and Annie Glenn Museum on main street and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the area.
  6. Close by their are many areas where you can walk, fish and just unwind.
  7. The Wilds is just minutes away from the motel also and you can enjoy half a day with on of their tours around the animal park, my wife and I really enjoyed our visit to The Wilds and it is definitely worth the time.
  8. In Zanesville, Ohio you will find many things to see and do also from shopping, food, walking trails and more.  Visit the Welcome Center either online or in person to see all that their is to do in the area.
  9. Just over the hill from the motel is a nice family owned 9 hole golf course also where you can start your day with a short round of golf.

Bring the family for a Getaway Weekend

Plan you next weekend with us at Baker’s Motel we see visitors every weekend from:  Columbus, Ohio – Akron, Ohio – Canton, Ohio – Cleveland, Ohio in addition to other cities where people just want to get away for the weekend and enjoy quieter surroundings which you will find right here in Norwich, Ohio.

Muskingum University – Another Year

Muskingum University – Another Year

Muskingum University is just 4 miles east of our Motel and we are 4 miles west of New Concord, Ohio, I mention this because we are by far the closest lodging for the university.  If you are looking for a clean, comfortable place to stay that is close to where your son or daughter is going to school then Baker’s Motel is the place for you.

Going to school is a huge expense for parents, thank god Muskingum University - Family Owned Motelmy kids are all older now and my college expenses are in the past but I do understand what these expenses are, at Baker’s Motel we do not have a continental breakfast but with the savings you can go buy yourself breakfast at Denny’s just down the road or take your son or daughter to any one of the fine diners in New Concord, Ohio and still have money to spare.  Personally I understand some people require the amenities that the chains offer but there are many who would rather have that money for gas, food or college expenses like books, which are not cheap and that 50 to 100. extra you are spending on a room per night could be better used for college expenses.

Parents Weekend, Homecoming, Football, moreBaker's Motel - Antique Shop

( Above Right ) The image is an actual room with two queen beds,  this building was built in the 60’s, carpeting is only 2 years old, chairs are several years old, the rooms was painted 2 years ago, the rooms offer a new fridge and microwave oven, a full bath,  also you have access to high speed wireless internet in all rooms.   The room to the right is a typical room with 2 beds.

Again this is an actual room image, we of course understand that some people would not be happy with a room that is clean and comfortable if it was not completely updated with out the paneling and tiled bathrooms, but we have kept those features and have added the modern heater – air units that actually work and have several spare units just in case one of the new units might go down.  Additionally internet access is available in all room and not just in the office area.

We welcome your stay at our family owned and operated property and we won’t break the bank when you visit your son or daughter so you even might come and see them more regular also  we are only 4 miles away unlike the chains that are 10 – 20 miles away one way.  You can make reservations online or simply by giving us a call.  We also offer clean and cozy one bed rooms, we have found most parent enjoy the larger rooms more though and since they are almost half the price of the chains they opt for them.   Feel free though to check them both out when you stop by if you want to view the rooms?

Our Family Owned Motel in Norwich, Ohio is between:

Cambridge, Ohio or Zanesville, Ohio and just minutes from New Concord, Ohio.