Getaway Weekends

Getaway Weekends

Tired of the rat race of the cities and just want to get a way for the weekend to unwind to get refreshed for the next week, think about coming down to Baker’s Motel in Norwich, Ohio.  There is alot to do in Muskingum County and area which will not break the bank.  City life can be stressful with the hectic pace but down at Baker’s Motel the pace is nice and slow, listed below are a few things you can do to unwind on your getaway weekend down here in the country.Getaway Weekends - Muskingum County

Plan a Getaway Weekend with us!

  1. Do you like going to auctions, check-out for weekend auctions down in this neck of the woods and find some good treasures and get some good eats also.  Every week end you will find many auctions in the area of which most of them you will find some great treasures.
  2. Just next door to the motel every other Sunday a local flea market has drive through auctions where local residents brings items to be auctioned off, this is an all day event that you do not want to miss and is a great way to top of the weekend.
  3. The Zane Grey museum is just across the street from the motel where you can view pottery from the area and find out the history of the National Road and the author Zane Grey.
  4. Antique Shops are also nearby some within walking distance of the Motel and with summer around the corner you can even rent space and sell your items on the weekend and not have to far to walk.
  5. New Concord is just 4 miles out the drive and right on the National Road where you will pass the S-bridge as you go into New Concord,  while their you can see The John and Annie Glenn Museum on main street and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the area.
  6. Close by their are many areas where you can walk, fish and just unwind.
  7. The Wilds is just minutes away from the motel also and you can enjoy half a day with on of their tours around the animal park, my wife and I really enjoyed our visit to The Wilds and it is definitely worth the time.
  8. In Zanesville, Ohio you will find many things to see and do also from shopping, food, walking trails and more.  Visit the Welcome Center either online or in person to see all that their is to do in the area.
  9. Just over the hill from the motel is a nice family owned 9 hole golf course also where you can start your day with a short round of golf.

Bring the family for a Getaway Weekend

Plan you next weekend with us at Baker’s Motel we see visitors every weekend from:  Columbus, Ohio – Akron, Ohio – Canton, Ohio – Cleveland, Ohio in addition to other cities where people just want to get away for the weekend and enjoy quieter surroundings which you will find right here in Norwich, Ohio.

Exotic Animals Abound – The Wilds

Exotic Animals Abound – The Wilds

Yesterday was an exciting day for the grandkids as my wife and I locked up the motel for a couple hours during the afternoon to take the kids on a bus ride through The Wilds to view the exotic animals, I must say that I have never taken the time to go to The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio but it was well worth the trip yesterday.  Baker’s Motel is only about 20 miles away, just 4 miles east on 40 and take State Route 83 south and follow the signs, it is approximately 16 mile out from there.  We were happy to see the route was well marked so there really is no chance in getting lost and when you get out there you will have no phone service, believe me it is out in the country.  Exotic Animals - Camel

Upon arriving at The Wilds we parked our vehicle and were met by a bus to take us to the visitor center where you purchase the tickets, parking is $5.00 for the time you are there unless you are a member of The Wilds, we were not members even though I send hundreds of people a year to this facility of course they do not no that and I did not say who I was anyways.

Exotic Animals / Natural Habitat

Once we arrived at the center we got out of the bus and went straight to the window to purchase our tickets, the little ones we free so the excursion was only $40.00.  We waited for about 30 minutes for the bus to come around and pick us up, they have buses running consistently all day long.  I might add that while we waited we enjoyed the beautiful view as the center overlooks the entire property and boy is it a beautiful view.

Exotic Animals / View from the bus

Our bus arrived and about 18 of of huddled onto the bus to start our excursion which takes just over 2 hours though they do have longer trips but with the little ones we felt that was long enough.  We noticed also that they offer horse back rides around the area also which we were told take about an hour, we will have to go back to try that as it looked like it would also be fun.  Additionally they offer several other excursion options which I would suggest viewing their website for more information.

View Website:  The Wilds

We started out trip going through a few gates that keep the outside animals out the the exotic animals in.  I have included a link to the many pictures that I took on our visit and would suggest you take some time to view them, now should you take this excursion you may or may not see the same animals as they are in the wild and not kept in confined areas but the land is beautiful and viewing them in a natural habitat beats any Zoo hands down.  Take the time to come and see The Wilds for yourself and bring the family as they will enjoy the exotic animals.

Exotic Animals – Where to Stay

In Ohio this would be a great weekend for either a family getaway or just a couple getaway,  both would have an extremely enjoyable time and stay at our Motel while visiting The Wilds as we are the closest lodging to them and we offer nice clean comfortable rooms.