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Professional Advertisers in Muskingum / Guernsey County

Classifieds that get noticed!

Zanesville’s free classifieds and business advertising on can give you an edge over the competition as you enter a larger picture. Golden Advertising owners also have Bakers Motel in Norwich, Ohio. This group of websites encompasses some of the highest-ranked online business advertising resources not only in Ohio but in the world, which include:

Zanesville Business Advertising – Free classifieds and advertising for Zanesville businesses or individuals, Zanesville advertising with over 600 classified categories, all advertising is Free. Premium business and personal advertising have a small yearly fee. Still, with the added exposure and features, this is an excellent option that will quickly put your ads on the search engines.

  1. – Our travel directory is also highly ranked on all search engines. Add your business for free provide us a link back, and we will gladly add your link. You can add additional areas for a small yearly fee.
  2. – You need a link in our directory if you have a business along the National Road.  Great special rate now includes yearly pricing in the directory for all listing packages; also, we welcome anyone wanting to write an article on your business or the area.  You can place your text link simply by logging in and picking the listing that suits your budget. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for your advertising, just a credit card or a check, and you can use PayPal, and payments are secure and safe.  We can also be found using

Why use banner advertising for advertising with Baker’s
Plain and simple, we can get your business noticed online. When looking through our many pages, you will see that you found us via keywords, and, more than likely, you did not type in Baker’s Motel. We can be found via more searches than most sites in Guernsey and Muskingum counties. When you consider that your ad will be seen through our network of sites, we rank for more keywords than most sites in Ohio.

The ads on the right of the page provide huge exposure for your business not only on this website but several other local, regional and national advertising resources including:,,,,, and a few more. To be quite honest this is the best form of advertising anywhere for the money if exposure for your business is what you are wanting then the cost of this text ad will provide you exposure on a local, regional and national basis making it the best monthly investment in your business.


Building your Business is our Business

Professional Advertising and Marketing Company

Why should I use free classifieds for business advertising on – The highest ranked advertising resource in Ohio, additionally we are one of the highest ranked online free classified websites in the USA with over 350,000 unique visitors each month and growing.

Ohio Free Classifieds – Southeastern Ohio best place for free classifieds and business advertising, Planning a yard sale this year you can post your free yard sale listing with us. Building the National Road Yard Sale one yard sale at a time.

Golden Advertising can be found not only in Muskingum County searches but on top of Ohio searches and global searches so if you want to expand your reach outside of just the local area with some great pricing then you have come to the right place.

Think about it for just one second! More than likely you have paid for Zanesville advertising in either a local advertiser or the local paper, a one-time small ad will run you $50 to $100 for one day, you go for a half page ad and you are talking 1,500. to 2,000. for a one day ad, one shot deal.

Free Classifieds, Free Business Advertising

Very High Ranked

Really how many people of, let’s say, a 30,000 circulation newspaper will actually have a need for your goods or services, sometimes your ad will go completely unnoticed, and other times, you may only get a couple of calls. For newspapers, ads normally start at $50. for a small display ad, about 1/16 a page, full-page ads are over $2,000., all for one day of visibility versus Golden Advertising and our many options for obtaining online visitors. reaches visitors from all over the world, so if you are interested in taking your product nationally or globally, then we offer you a great resource.  Our main listing sites receive over 50 million views a year,  please take a minute to check our banner and text ad resource to see our viewing stats.  Additionally, we have added a great new social networking feature to automatically add your ads to many of the top social networks.

Call us today to discuss how we can get your business noticed online in a very cost-effective way, our yearly cost for a premium ad is less than most daily ads in a newspaper, radio or tv and the visibility does not even compare, GUARANTEED.

Phone: 740-255-0852, Gary – the Best source for local, regional, and statewide banner or text Advertising.

Free Classifieds / Free Classified Ads

Zanesville, Ohio, and Cambridge, Ohio, can advertise all products for sale the easy way using and not just get noticed locally but all around Ohio and the USA. is the highest-ranked resource in Ohio. Regarding business advertising, we are one of the highest-ranked advertising sources in the USA. No other advertising resource in Ohio even comes close to our exposure.

Now you can add your YouTube video to your free advertising on our Free and Paid Advertising system on, just another of the many great features that we offer.  Most local papers do not even come close to providing the type of visibility you can receive from Golden Advertising. Plus, add the fact that we rank high for literally thousands of keywords, and growing means your advertising is well-placed.

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