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Historical Baker’s Motel – Late 1930’s

The original courtyard rooms, where the cars were parked between the rooms as they are today.

The motel was built by I.B. Baker – who owned Baker’s Motel from 1937 – 1963.  I.B. raised coon hounds and had some National Champion dogs in 1928.

Mr. Baker gave the land across the street to the State of Ohio for the Zane Grey Museum in return, and the state put an exit here, now exit 164, in Norwich, Ohio.

In the beginning, the Motel was simply cabins, but as traffic grew on the National Road. Baker’s Motel continued its growth.   New additions were added in the late ’40s and early ’50s, including rooms where parking was once available. Baker’s Motel was one of the first motels on US 40, the National Road. Most other lodging properties after Baker’s Motel are long gone; today, Baker’s Motel is still going strong.   Records show the original part of the Motel was built in 1937, making Baker’s possibly one of the oldest motels in Ohio still operating.

Talking with some locals, it appears that the Motel was moved to the top of the hill in 1937, as Baker’s was originally down the road from 1919 to 1937.    When we purchased the property in 1980, we noticed that at the bottom of the hill on the right side of 40 was a dilapidated structure that looked like a small motel, we always wondered what it was, and now we know.

Baker’s Motel – Late 30’s – mid 40’s

During this period, the motel consisted of 41 rooms, with rooms where cars once parked in the ’30s and the wings of the motel were added.  Our small building, which consists of 4 family rooms, was added in the ’50s.

  • The motel became a 41-unit motel.
  • At the time was one of the most modern motels on US 40
  • Another fun fact is that Baker’s Motel was one of the first Quality Courts now known as Quality Inns, in addition to a Best Western Motel, both at the same time.
  • Owned by The Baker family

Historical Baker’s Motel – 1960

The ’60s brought about many changes in the motel and the area; as I-70 opened,  the motel added 20 additional rooms with two beds and the area’s largest pool in front of this section.  Baker’s Motel now consisted of 61 modern rooms.

1963 the motel was sold to General Theater Corporation out of Cleveland, Ohio. This company owned most drive-ins in Ohio.

From 1963-1973.

  • The back 20 rooms were added, which are large family rooms. The Baker family added this section before selling the property.
  • A large swimming pool was added.
  • Interstate 70 was completed, and an exit for Norwich, Ohio, was added.

In 1973 the motel was sold to Kim Zachary who owned and operated the property till 1980 when my family purchased the motel.  We have seen many changes over the years to the local area and the motel.  I could honestly write a book on the many people we have met over the years.  In the late 80’s we got rid of the swimming pool.


Ohio Historical Motel / Family Owned and Operated

Baker's Motel Baker’s Motel continues the long-standing tradition of providing quality lodging at a reasonable price and has been doing so since the late ’30s. Many of the strip motels that came after us are now falling apart structures that have not been operating motels for decades.   At Baker’s Motel, we continually upgrade our property, offering clean and comfortable accommodations for workers and travelers alike.   We opened our newest addition to the property almost five years ago, Norwich Antiques and More, an Antique and Gift shop for guests and travelers. If you want to view the shop, call, or if you are a guest, just ask.

Historical Baker’s Motel – 1960

  • 1937 – 1963  The Baker family owned the motel along with the restaurant that used to be next door to the motel.
  • 1963 – 1973  General Theater Company owned the property out of Cleveland, Ohio. This company owned most of the drive-ins in Ohio.
  • 1973 – 1980  Kim Zachary owned the property and kept it just as it was initially.
  • 1980 – Present  My family has owned the property and continues to run Baker’s today.  We continually update the property but maintain the original look and feel. Today, the motel has 53 rooms, where it used to have 61, but we made eight rooms into our Antique Shop.  We are still here in 2024!

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