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Baker’s Motel: The Construction Crew’s Home Away From Home!

Why Choose Baker’s Motel?

1. Unbeatable Rates for Unbeatable Comfort!

At Baker’s Motel, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising comfort. Our competitive pricing and special rates for extended stays and group bookings ensure you get value for your money.

Weekly Rates Starting at: 

$370.00 for a One bedroom / 3 or more rooms

$450.00 for a Two-bedroom / 3 or more rooms.

  • For out-of-town workers only.

2. Location, Location, Location!

Strategically located close to major construction sites and highways, our motel reduces your daily commute, giving you more rest for the next hardworking day.

Tailored Amenities for the Hardworking Crew!


Local Manufacturing


Picnic Tables / Bring your Grill

We have a large yard to gather, grill out, fridges and micros in all rooms, and park with-in feet of your rooms.

Convenient Laundry Services

Get those work clothes fresh and ready for the next day with our local service to do your laundry each week for a modest price.

Spacious Parking and Storage

Parking woes? Not here! Ample space for large vehicles and machinery, coupled with secure storage for your tools and equipment in rooms large enough to store those extras.

Stay Connected

With our high-speed Wi-Fi, keeping up with work plans, emails, or even after-hours streaming is a breeze.

Safety First

Your safety is our priority. Benefit from our surveillance cameras, and well-lit parking areas, ensuring peace of mind.

Special Corporate Partnerships!

Are you a local business in the construction or industrial domain? Let’s collaborate! We offer exclusive corporate rates and deals tailored to your team’s needs.

Here’s What Our Satisfied Guests Say:

Bakers’s Motel is our crew’s preferred choice. Their special rates for group bookings, coupled with their on-site amenities, make our stay comfortable every time.” – James T., Site Supervisor

The owners are diligent on seeing who comes and goes, no need to worry here.” – Maria L., Project Manager

Easy & Flexible Bookings!

Check-In/Out at Your Convenience

We’re adaptable to your work schedules, offering flexible check-in and check-out times. Use your smartphone or a simple four-digit code to enter your room.

Hassle-free Payment Options

Whether you’re billing your company directly or need other accommodations, we’re here to make it smooth and straightforward.

Reserve Your Rooms Today!

Join the scores of satisfied construction crews and workers who’ve made Baker’s Motel their home base. Experience comfort, convenience, and cost-effective stays like never before.

Contact us now for special crew rates and reservations!

Baker’s Motel – Where Hardworking Crews Recharge.

Give us a call after booking online so we can check your reservation and give you the best rate for your extended stay.  For bulks rooms call us for best rates.  We offer weekly billing, e-mail of paid invoices, itemized invoices, final invoices. 

Phone: 740-872-3232

Let us know you are a work crew needing multiple rooms.

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