Ohio Festival

Ohio Festival

In recent years, the program has faced financial instability and has needed last-minute infusions of money to fill financing gaps. But this year, the City Council raised the amount set aside for the program beyond what the mayor’s office had originally proposed, which was $8 million. Corey Johnson, the speaker of the City Council who had made additional funding for the program a priority, called the increase “a really big deal for creating more certainty and security moving forward for the organizations that do this work.”


Busy Year in 2020 – Major Update

Zanesville, Ohio Motel - Family Owned Motel

Busy Year in 2017 – Major Update

We performed a major update this year for which we had to save for this upgrade and we hope to complete the job next years as we hope to have another good year. A local company was used to install a new metal roof on rooms 1-42 encompassing over 200 squares of the roof, our new metal roof will not only provide years of worry-free operation it protects all of the work we have done on the interior for many years to come.

Along with the new metal roof on the property, we have added new rubber roof on 1-10 the flat area and above the office again to provide many years of protection to all of our updates on the inside of the property. Most of our guests appreciate the historic value of this unique property as we have been providing guests with quality lodging for over 80 years in 2017 and hope to continue for many more years with the help of all of our great customers who continue to return to visit us year after year. Our returning customers see that we are continually updating our property while maintaining many of the historic features.